Fresh Afternoon Notes

We had a couple power outages earlier, here where I am. I’m not sure what caused them this time, though in the past it’s often been weather related.

I’m just glad everything is in working order again. In other notes, I’ve been taking a brief break from my niche art blog, but I will return to it shortly.

Going to be sharing some of my most recent completed projects there when I do return. I created a couple things for something called Wildlife Wednesday, so looking forward to actually posting them.


New A.M. Notes

Hello Dear Ones,

It’s a bit after midnight here, it’s been a fairly easy going day. Lately I’ve been in the midst of doing some new projects, hanging out with Courtney & Eli, etc.

I may (weather permitting) take them out for a picnic sometime this week. Eli is out of classes for Spring Break.

Anyway, I am somewhat tired at the moment, so I will close this post out for the time being.

A Brief A.M. Drop In

Good morning, Dear Ones.

I know I haven’t written on this blog in a few days. A lot has been keeping me busy lately. It’s currently a little after 3:30 here where I am.

Once my energy stores are less depleted, I will write more. I thank you all for bearing with me. Love and blessings to you all, my friends.

The More, The Better

The more immersed in scripture you are, the better. Have you ever had a verse just spring to mind right when you need it?

To neglect Bible reading is like intentionally starving oneself.

Do you hunger and thirst for righteousness? Are you immersing your heart in the things of God?

If you haven’t been, I encourage you to do so. If you have been, I encourage you to do so more.

Great Report On Eli Today

Had a parent teacher conference with Eli’s teacher today. His teacher said he’s like a sponge, soaking up all that she has to teach him.

She’s one of the best teachers he’s had in my opinion.

Eli has a wonderfully bright mind, he’s actually quite a bit more advanced than many in his class. His teacher says he’s taken up reading to his classmates, which is great.

I tend to believe that among his classmates, he’s going to turn out to be a leader. He’s already a great example to them.

Don’t Be So Earthly Minded That You Neglect Eternal Matters

I used to hear a saying that went: “Don’t be so heavenly minded that you’re no earthly good”.

I would actually advise, that people not be so earthly minded that they neglect eternal matters.

Jesus cares for humanity so deeply that He literally gave His life for us, what a person does with His gift matters, now and forever.

Whether they have a relationship with Him as Lord and Savior matters.

A Mild Frustration

So, a while back I paid around $15 for an art program subscription, for one of my favorite and most used programs, actually.

It was supposed to last a while, and for a simple $15 for (supposedly) like a year, I figured it would be worthwhile.

Though arguably a one off lifetime subscription would have been better.

Anyway, I found out that my subscription isn’t recognized by the program.

It’s currently as if I never paid for it at all, even though I know for a fact my subscription period hasn’t ended (it’s supposed to be good through February 2024.)

I also know I didn’t violate any terms of use. Needless to say I’m a bit frustrated.

Short Story: Love Is Thicker Than Blood

I have a story to share with you.

It’s about a man we’ll call Junior (just a nickname.) Junior had a fairly normal life as he was growing up. Bike rides, great friends, tee ball, slumber parties, pool parties, you get the idea.

Then one day, in his late teens, Junior’s world was shaken. Long held family secrets came to light. Sounds like the overused plotline of a Lifetime tv movie, but it was now Junior’s life.

He learned that the father he had known his whole life wasn’t his father in the biological sense.

Even so, he decided that the man he’d grown up knowing as his father remained so in his heart, regardless.

After all, blood is thicker than water, but Love is thicker than blood.

A.M. Notes

Good A.M. (or P.M. to you, depending where you are) I am so thrilled with so much going on in life right now. I was introduced to yet ANOTHER venue to share art.

Whatever you set your mind and hands to, so long as it is good, I hope it prospers, Dear Ones.

In other notes, I was able to get a Bible study done earlier, which is always excellent. I was also reading a ministry blog earlier, which I never grow weary of.

In fact I look forward to it whenever I get on.

Whatever today brings you, I hope it’s beautiful. I will go ahead and wrap this up. Much Love ♥️.

Oh, quick edit before I go for the day, my mother has a neurologist appointment today, please pray for good results for her. Thank you in advance.