Awesome Day With Eli 1 On 1

Yesterday was most excellent. My son and I had 1 on 1 hang out time. We played outside at a nearby park, threw around the frisbee, then came back home & ate dinner while watching stuff together and gaming.

I’ve never seen him behave better, and I let him know I am proud of him, every child needs to know such things in their lives.

After our long day, I should probably get some rest. I will be back to share more later.

Memorial Day Thoughts

Dear Ones,

As we go about our day today, let us remember the fallen. The ones who have given their lives in military service.

Also, as we remember them, let’s not forget their families, still gripped with grief and doing their best to make it through, one day at a time.

This should be a day of not just remembrance, but honest reflection.

Are we honoring them, by being people WORTH the sacrifice given? or are we being ungrateful jerks that if it were possible, would make them roll in their graves?

Let us strive to be the former.

We Surrender Far Too Much To Big Tech

The amount of information our society surrenders to tech companies and the like is behemoth. We sometimes don’t even know what all they’re collecting.

I don’t want to sound like a fear monger, but I just want people to be vigilant. These tech companies are just that, companies, they are not your friend.

To many of them, you (and your information) are a product for them to monetize, nothing more. Unfortunate as that is, and as much as I rather not say it.

Early A.M. Notes

Hello again friends ♥️

Presently it’s pretty quiet here where I am, my family is already asleep. We’ve been enjoying family time together recently.

One thing we’ve been doing is playing with guitars. Something which my son adores even more than his tablet gaming.

Earlier in the day, he had some very concerning moodiness, but later he had calmed considerably.

Sidenote: We were told a while ago that his anti-seizure meds could affect his moods, so I’m hoping that’s all it really was. Though we’ll talk with his neurologist soon just to give a heads up and get her opinion and recommendations.

Quick Notes Before Rest

Hello again, Dear Ones.

Spent much of today with my in-laws. My wife’s great aunt and uncle came up to see us at her grandparents. Afterwards, I went with her to pick up Eli @ school.

Speaking of Eli, he has a kickball tournament tomorrow, which no doubt he will have a lot of fun with.

Anyway, there’s a lot more I could share about, and I still will when I’m up to it, but I am in need of sleep @ the moment. My apologies for the abrupt ending. ♥️

Andrew Carnegie Notes (Part One)

As of late, I have begun listening to an audiobook about American industrialist Andrew Carnegie. So far, I have found it holds my attention.

Some people know of Carnegie hall, but not much about it’s namesake.

Previously, I watched a documentary about him, and his contributions to American society, industry,and culture.

That’s what piqued my curiosity and pushed me to learn more.

As I continue listening, I will take notes, and share from those anything of the greatest value and interest @ a later date.

A Short Quick Note

Spent much of yesterday hanging out with my wife,son, and Mother in law at her house. It was pretty relaxed, no phone, no online drama for that time.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there reading this.

I won’t be posting much more today, but I’ll return soon.

Love to you all.