What Has Your Attention?

I spent a great deal of time this morning reading a ministry blog, and it brought a lot of things into focus in a very strong way. I am thankful it did.

What we focus our attention on certainly matters.

Not everything that WANTS our attention necessarily deserves it. That’s something we should keep in mind. Are we centered on that which is constructive, nourishing, fruitful?

We ought to be.

We should avoid pursuits that are empty and detrimental. I know some will likely say “that’s a no brainer” but it still bears saying anyway.


The Importance of Watching Our Tongues

We should watch our tongues, we should consider carefully our words, is what I mean.

Are we speaking life, or death? Being constructive or destructive? Administering medicine or poison?

I write this as much to myself as to my readers. I have known people who were so hurt by callous things said to them that they literally took their own lives.

That right there should make you seriously think.

I am not saying walk on eggshells, but use wisdom!