A Wake Up Call

The devil doesn’t even hide anymore, and yet there are people who still don’t see (understand) what’s going on right before their eyes.

Scripture warns us to resist the devil, and we ought to strongly heed that advice. The satanic and vulgar display at the Grammys has been making the rounds on social media, and it made my heart sick.

The fact that my country has sunk so low into wicked degeneracy that such a thing was allowed (and by some even celebrated) is terrifying.

We (as a society) need to stand against such reprobate filth.


Examining Ourselves and Treading Carefully When Advising Others

We ought to tread carefully when advising others, and we ought to examine ourselves. Have there been times in life that you’ve done something you advised someone else against? or where you failed to do something you ought to have done?

I write this for your consideration, not to bash anyone.

As a reminder: Scripture gives very stern warnings against hypocrisy, we ought to seriously heed those warnings.