Andrew Carnegie Notes (Part One)

As of late, I have begun listening to an audiobook about American industrialist Andrew Carnegie. So far, I have found it holds my attention.

Some people know of Carnegie hall, but not much about it’s namesake.

Previously, I watched a documentary about him, and his contributions to American society, industry,and culture.

That’s what piqued my curiosity and pushed me to learn more.

As I continue listening, I will take notes, and share from those anything of the greatest value and interest @ a later date.


An Independence Day Message For All Americans

Happy Independence Day, to my fellow Americans.

The freedoms & ideals my country was founded on are worth celebrating, and defending, even if we haven’t always lived up to those ideals.

The truth is, no country is perfect, because countries are made up of people, and people collectively are flawed. Even so, I will never hate my country, nor teach my son to hate it, and it grieves my heart that there are some citizens who do.

We should be coming together to make the country ever better, instead of tearing it down.

A Change of Plans (and Other Notes)

In a (now deleted) post, I originally said I was going on hiatus from my blogs. There’s been a change in that plan. I have too much on my mind to go on hiatus right now. My son has a school thing that we will be attending later. It’s a concert type thing, which I am excited for.

Presently, I am charging up my phone so that I can use the camera on it then.

In other notes, I saw a social media post earlier that made the claim (without evidence) that all billionaires are deviant predators. It was posted by a so-called comedian, so maybe it was (somehow, unclear to me) meant as a joke? If so, it was the most humorless one I’ve heard.

On the other hand, it’s pretty slanderous, if it wasn’t a joke.

Slander, defamation, libel these are all tortious in the U.S., not protected under the 1st Amendment. The platform that hosted the statement is American.