Don’t Be So Earthly Minded That You Neglect Eternal Matters

I used to hear a saying that went: “Don’t be so heavenly minded that you’re no earthly good”.

I would actually advise, that people not be so earthly minded that they neglect eternal matters.

Jesus cares for humanity so deeply that He literally gave His life for us, what a person does with His gift matters, now and forever.

Whether they have a relationship with Him as Lord and Savior matters.


An Important Note

Sexual immorality poisons and kills. We see this in the spread of disease, and beyond. There are commands in scripture against sexual immorality for a reason.

God has His children’s best interest at heart.

A lot of people want to pursue a life of their own lust, and then they want to be free of accountability and consequences, but EVERYTHING a person does has consequences, that’s an inescapable reality.

People may not like to hear that these days, too many want people to tickle their ears, but truth remains truth regardless.

This Needed Addressed

A disease is destructive, sin is also destructive, warning people of those realities is not abuse at all. Though there are some who erroneously think so.

It would actually be abuse NOT to tell someone of the dangers and destructiveness of sin. Just as it would be abuse/malpractice for a Dr. not to tell a patient they are unhealthy if they are.

A Defense of Elon Musk

There are people trying to paint Elon Musk as a racist, he isn’t, not at all. In fact, he left South Africa so that he would not have to spend years in Military service to the apartheid government. He had no desire to oppress black people, or anyone, and in fact has done quite a lot for humanity at large.

Nonetheless, the hit pieces and smear campaigns will probably keep coming from those who hate him with an insane and fierce passion.

Loving The Sinner, Condemning The Sin

Jesus is well known for Loving people, but never once did He ever endorse sin.

All Christians know (by His example) that we can and should Love people, without accepting/approving the evil deeds that people are at times inclined to.

Condemning an ACTION is not the same as hating the person engaged in said action. If for example, my son stole a dollar from me, I would still Love him, but I would rightly condemn his thievery.

The idea that rebuking wrongdoing is bigotry toward the person engaged in the wrongdoing is utter nonsense.