We Surrender Far Too Much To Big Tech

The amount of information our society surrenders to tech companies and the like is behemoth. We sometimes don’t even know what all they’re collecting.

I don’t want to sound like a fear monger, but I just want people to be vigilant. These tech companies are just that, companies, they are not your friend.

To many of them, you (and your information) are a product for them to monetize, nothing more. Unfortunate as that is, and as much as I rather not say it.


Notes On Plaque Removing Nanobots

I recently learned about plaque removing nanobots that are intended to help keep people healthier. I don’t know if they’re viable at the moment, or just in the research stage, but wow… wouldn’t such a thing be fantastic?

The idea (I believe) was lifted directly from an “Outer Limits” episode, but it wouldn’t be the first time sci-fi inspired something with real life applications.

About A Sci-fi Show & An Observation

Earlier, I was watching an episode of the 1990’s sci-fi show “Sliders”. In the particular episode, the Sliders landed on a world where people were addicted to a type of VR (Virtual Reality) technology.

So addicted were they, that when they were disconnected from it, they acted like they couldn’t wait to get hooked back in again for their next fix.

I couldn’t help but notice how much it resembles our ACTUAL world in 2023. Sure, the tech is different, but the addiction many have to it is very much the same.

Responding To A Great Question

Today, I heard something that I thought would make an excellent writing prompt. It was the question:

“As machines become more capable, is the time coming when we’ll value their judgement over our own”?

Artificial intelligence lacks some things that are essential to us all, a conscience and soul.

That is just one reason among many why it would be unwise to trust their judgement over our own.

We can understand the CONSEQUENCES of our choices, for good or ill, in a way AI never could.

Present Thoughts On EV’s

I heard about a man charging his EV (electric vehicle) for 10 hours, and it only reaching 20% power. Whether you are an EV fan, opponent, or indifferent either way, you’d have to admit that is a sad display of inefficiency.

I don’t know what caused the issue, but it’s not the first concerning thing I’ve heard about EV’s in general.

Am I discouraging the use of EV’s? You may wonder. I’d simply advise people weigh the pros and cons, research for themselves.

Personally, I’m not buying one anytime soon.

Segway S-Pod Chair

I recently came across the coolest mobility vehicle I’ve ever seen to date. It’s described in advertisements and such as a self balancing electric lounge chair on wheels. I’ve seen it demonstrated in videos, it is easily controlled with a simple joy stick, or alternately with a tablet.

I have no idea on the pricing, and that’s a definite concern.

I’m still trying to research that.

What I like BEST about it, is while it’s ideal for the mobility challenged like me, really ANYONE could use it. If I had one, my son could borrow it to drive around his school campus if he didn’t want to wear himself out walking. It goes up to 24 mph.

Lost Keepsakes

So, as some of you may recall, toward the end of my son’s school year, he had a concert. I had planned on getting around to uploading pics & video from that event, finally. Sadly, I was informed today that the stuff got deleted. I am really wishing now they had been backed up.

As much as tech has benefited our society, it’s not immune to human error, and unfortunately there’s no way now to remedy the loss.

The Crazy On Tik Tok Is Thick

As the title here says, the crazy on Tik Tok is thick. Some of the things I’ve stumbled across on there are SO FAR out of touch w/rationality that it’s laughable. The platform does still have value, but it’s important to “separate the wheat from the chaff” so to speak.

WHAT a person is known and stands for matters, some people are so hungry just to be known for SOMETHING they never stop to think about what they are actually putting out onto the platform & into the world. I advise they do stop and think about it.

Social media of any sort can be a wonderful tool when used wisely, but when it’s not, that can have very bad results.