I Want To See More Artists Thrive

One of my major goals in life is to help my fellow artists thrive. The whole “starving artist” thing should be a dead and buried thing of the past in this modern age, where an artist can showcase/share their creations at the click of a mouse.

Gone are the days when a brick and mortar gallery was an absolute must to get any serious notice. Though they still have value for special art events and such and I have no desire to disrespect those who choose to go that route.

If you know of an artist you want me to check out, I’ll gladly do so. Just drop me their info below.


Lessons From Trial & Error

Have you ever done something that you initially thought was going to be a stable gig, but it turned out it was inconsistent at best? I’ve been through just such situations a number of times.

I did learn quite a bit from said experiences though. Sometimes, you don’t even realize the value of a lesson learned until much after the fact.

Life is full of twists and turns, trial and error, and it’s important not to let things that let you down, or that don’t quite work out like you planned/hoped, deter you from striving for success anyway.

On Marriage: Bond Over Each Other’s Success, Don’t Resent It

I am not an expert on marriage by any means, even after being married since 2012, there are some things I’m still learning. Here’s one thing I do know, as partners, you should never resent each other’s successes.

Support each other and bond over them.

P.S. Each individual in a partnership/marriage has their own strengths, talents, and passions, something unique they bring to the table, and they should be appreciated for that.