Short Story: Love Is Thicker Than Blood

I have a story to share with you.

It’s about a man we’ll call Junior (just a nickname.) Junior had a fairly normal life as he was growing up. Bike rides, great friends, tee ball, slumber parties, pool parties, you get the idea.

Then one day, in his late teens, Junior’s world was shaken. Long held family secrets came to light. Sounds like the overused plotline of a Lifetime tv movie, but it was now Junior’s life.

He learned that the father he had known his whole life wasn’t his father in the biological sense.

Even so, he decided that the man he’d grown up knowing as his father remained so in his heart, regardless.

After all, blood is thicker than water, but Love is thicker than blood.


Further Update On My Writing Commission

My writing commission is going well thus far, spent a bit of this morning brainstorming and fleshing things out with the client further.

He evidently had a well developed character (years in the making) that he wants me to write the story around.

I just really hope I can do it justice, since he put so much thought into it.

On second thought, I’m going to be confident about it, and not let doubt trip me up.

Notes On A Story

So, I read a story earlier from a guy who claimed to remember an attempted kidnapping from when he was around 9 years old.

He gave a lot of details in the story, all the way down to a full on conversation he allegedly had with the would-be kidnapper.

I’m frankly skeptical he could possibly remember that much about the situation, especially some 30 years later and most especially conversation-wise.

Given that people have hundreds if not thousands of conversations in their lives over the years, and knowing the mind isn’t like a flawless verbatim video recorder in regards to memory, my skepticism is reasonably warranted.

Anyway, the story is at the very least a good cautionary tale, regardless how many of the details are accurate in his retelling.

Story: The Anniversary Interview-Chapter/Part 2

Upon his arrival in Florida for his parents’ anniversary, the young writer tells his parents he’d like to interview them. They agree heartily, excited about it.

“Let’s begin then” says the young writer, putting fresh paper in his typewriter.

“How did you two meet, and when?” was the first question. “We met in the Summer of 1983, I was a pilot then in the Air Force” said his father. “We met at a base social event” his mother added. “I wasn’t all that interested initially, but he won me over.” she continued.

“It started with the most awkward dance, I probably stepped on her feet ten times that evening” his father stated. They both laughed as they thought back to just HOW awkward it was. “You would definitely have found it hilarious, watching us fumble our way through that.”

The young writer smiled, as he listened to them. Even after all this time together, their deep and abiding Love for each other was evident in their tones, and written all over their faces. He knew not all people were so fortunate.

Part three coming soon

Part one here

Story: The Anniversary Interview-Chapter/Part One

Three A.M., a young writer with a severe case of creative block clacks away on his typewriter. Yeah, he’s old school like that. He decided a long time ago that while modern writing tech is a beautiful thing for some, it’s just not his. He types randomly, nothing particularly coherent at that moment.

This is a kind of exercise he often does when he has a block, still keeping his fingers primed in case some great spark of inspiration comes.

He’s seen a lot of shows & things recently, you’d think they’d give him inspiration, but he wants something at least fairly original, not recycled ad nauseum, not completely done to death.

“MEH” he thinks, saying it out loud to himself. He often did that too, the thinking out loud. It was one of several things his friends called politely, “eccentricities”.

Suddenly, almost as if on cue, his phone begins to ring…

On the line, it’s his father. “Go to the airport, there’s a ticket waiting there for you, it’s already paid for in advance” says the old man. “Yes, Sir” the young man replies respectfully, as he had done since as far back as he could remember. “What’s going on?”

“I’m flying you out to Florida this weekend, for my & your mother’s anniversary” the old man said. Suddenly, the young writer has the spark of inspiration he’s been waiting on. He decides that while he’s down in Florida, he’ll interview his parents.

They’ve been together several years, & he can’t wait to tell their story.

Part 2 here

A Story That Grabbed My Heart

Earlier, I heard about a baby who supposedly somehow sensed that his older sister had an undiagnosed brain tumor.

I’m not sure if the story is true, but if it is, then all I can say is wow.

I’ve heard for years about PETS that could sense ailments in their human companions, but a BABY sensing an ailment in his sister that no one else had a clue about? That’s on a whole other level I’ve got to admit.

As a man who has experienced miracles in my life, this story really grabbed me by the heart.