A Wake Up Call

The devil doesn’t even hide anymore, and yet there are people who still don’t see (understand) what’s going on right before their eyes.

Scripture warns us to resist the devil, and we ought to strongly heed that advice. The satanic and vulgar display at the Grammys has been making the rounds on social media, and it made my heart sick.

The fact that my country has sunk so low into wicked degeneracy that such a thing was allowed (and by some even celebrated) is terrifying.

We (as a society) need to stand against such reprobate filth.


Compassion Should Not Be Berated

Having compassion for people, taking care of the widowed, the poor, etc. especially, is nothing to be berated and demonized. Yet, I’ve seen some (pretty backwards) people who get offended at the suggestion that such people should be helped.

We who believe in helping such people, don’t do it because we at all believe such people are pathetic or weak. We don’t do it to look down on anyone. We do it because it’s the moral and Loving thing to do.

Anyone getting offended about it needs to seriously get a grip.

A House Divided

The world has changed drastically from my teenhood to now. Chronic fighting like petulant school children has become commonplace among many adults who should know better, but who have the maturity level OF said school children.

It’s really a sad thing to see.

Many in my country don’t even have shared basic values anymore, and as we all know, a house divided cannot stand.