Great Update!

I’ve been on a roll sharing creative content on a brand new (to me) app. A friend of mine introduced my wife to it & she invited me. I’ll have my link to it up in the near future (once my account gets verified.) So far I’m loving it, and not only can I post art, but I can post photos, videos, and snippets of my poetry as well. It’s like the perfect creative outlet, if anything can be called such a thing.


Evening Notes On A Tragic Film

Earlier, I watched a movie about two young women fighting over a guy on social media.

That’s bad in itself of course, but when their feud enters the offline realm, horror and heartbreak ensue, with one of them ending up dead.

I don’t know if the film was based on a true story, but it’s a parable for the modern age. The primary lesson being that letting jealousy and rage consume you will only ultimately lead to destruction and grief.

There’s more that viewers can take away from the film, but these are just my immediate thoughts after initial viewing.

The Crazy On Tik Tok Is Thick

As the title here says, the crazy on Tik Tok is thick. Some of the things I’ve stumbled across on there are SO FAR out of touch w/rationality that it’s laughable. The platform does still have value, but it’s important to “separate the wheat from the chaff” so to speak.

WHAT a person is known and stands for matters, some people are so hungry just to be known for SOMETHING they never stop to think about what they are actually putting out onto the platform & into the world. I advise they do stop and think about it.

Social media of any sort can be a wonderful tool when used wisely, but when it’s not, that can have very bad results.

A Necessary Correction To An Earlier Post

A while back, I wrote about Elon’s takeover of Twitter. At the time, I thought it was a done deal, in the bag, finalized. More recently, I came to the knowledge that’s not exactly the case.

The deal as far as I know, isn’t dead, but there are issues that need resolution. I just felt the need to issue this post for clarity sake.

I am admittedly actually a bit embarrassed that I pre-maturely thanked him for buying the platform, knowing as of lately that the deal hasn’t been completed as I originally thought.

A Change of Plans (and Other Notes)

In a (now deleted) post, I originally said I was going on hiatus from my blogs. There’s been a change in that plan. I have too much on my mind to go on hiatus right now. My son has a school thing that we will be attending later. It’s a concert type thing, which I am excited for.

Presently, I am charging up my phone so that I can use the camera on it then.

In other notes, I saw a social media post earlier that made the claim (without evidence) that all billionaires are deviant predators. It was posted by a so-called comedian, so maybe it was (somehow, unclear to me) meant as a joke? If so, it was the most humorless one I’ve heard.

On the other hand, it’s pretty slanderous, if it wasn’t a joke.

Slander, defamation, libel these are all tortious in the U.S., not protected under the 1st Amendment. The platform that hosted the statement is American.

The Twitter Meltdowns Were Real

I saw personally, people saying that if Elon fully bought Twitter, they’d leave the platform. I also saw the full on meltdowns/adult tantrums the other day, and today I saw people claiming said meltdowns didn’t happen.

They are lying. If they’ll lie over something as trivial as that, how can they be trusted on anything of significant importance?

I lost a couple connections personally on the platform as soon as I expressed thanks to Elon for buying it. I responded as follows:

To my connections, past, present, and potential: If you are upset by me being happy that Elon bought Twitter, I bear no animosity towards you. Simultaneously though, neither do I apologize for being happy that he did. I like him, you don’t, and life goes on for us both.

I still presently BELIEVE Elon when he says he advocates free speech on the platform for all users (barring any actual ILLEGAL CONTENT, obviously.) and I support and respect him for that reason.

While it’s true that I bear no animosity toward those who are upset about Elon’s takeover, I did find the meltdowns hilarious.

Twitter (Even As A Private American Company) Is Still Bound By The Constitution

Twitter IS a private company, as has been pointed out by those who claim Twitter can entirely do as it pleases w/in it’s own realm, so to speak. HOWEVER, Twitter is bound (as an American company) to American law.

The Constitution is America’s law, certain people disliking that fact is irrelevant.

Even though Twitter is a private company, they DO NOT have the right to violate the Constitutional rights of the people who engage on their platform.

This is true regardless how much Twitter’s present admin may have selective tantrums over the free exercise of those Constitutional rights, or how many may claim Twitter somehow ISN’T bound to the Constitution.