Science Night Update

The science night was pretty cool, Eli enjoyed himself. He got a cookie on the way out. He also got a balloon with his finger print from a law enforcement forensic table.

He also got to shoot smoke rings from a homemade cannon. He also got a root beer milk, I didn’t even know that was a thing.


Sci-Fi Pipe Dream or Plausible?: Either Way, Notes On More Big Thinking From Elon Musk

It may seem like I write a lot about Elon, but I recently learned something I had to comment on.

It sounds significantly like science fiction (and likely is) but Elon believes people may eventually be able to download their memories & personalities into androids, according to a post I read earlier.

Kudos to him for MORE big thinking, as he’s famed for, outlandish as this particular idea sounds.

Mixed Feelings (and Notes) On Lightning

I saw an awesome photo of a lightning storm this morning, and it inspired this post.

I find lightning simultaneously horrifying and fascinating. I heard once of a family who had endured several lightning strikes over multiple generations. It was believed by some of those who studied them, that there was something different about them biologically that made lightning especially attracted to them.

If that’s actually the case, I have to admit being glad I don’t share that anomaly.

Cool Find On Pluto

I read recently that the dwarf planet Pluto has, get this, ICE volcanoes. As a photographer, I would love to go on a cosmic photo shoot/tour if it were possible. Who knows what other surprises could still be waiting in the far reaches? I am pretty certain of at least this, I’d never be bored the rest of my life.

Science and the Fountain of Youth

I recently read about scientific breakthroughs, therapy meant for age reversal. People have been searching for ages for the “fountain of youth” so I take these claims with a grain of salt, but nonetheless I did find it interesting at least.

I came across the information on another blog. On a similar topic, while science can be a wonderful tool, it’s a tool we should be careful with.

Advanced as we may think we are, we are not God.

Your Memories: Fact or Fiction?

Our minds are not camcorders, and our recall (even in the healthiest of people) isn’t always as reliable as a lot of people think. As time passes, details, or even sometimes entire episodes, can be forgotten. A simple example I’ve used before in my writing online is the mundane one of forgetting where you left your keys.

I’ve always found it interesting that the brain sometimes even straight up FABRICATES “memories” and rarely do most people question their authenticity. I wrote before once on a blog about a “memory” I used to swear was real, of me going to a red headed woman’s funeral when I was very young.

I later found out that this “memory” wasn’t true.

My advice, while the brain is a great thing, it’s important to realize it’s limits & take those into account. Seek out secondary corroboration of memories whenever possible and as necessary.

Basic Science, Common Sense, and The Foolishness of Racism

What humans refer to as “race” is determined by the amount of melanin someone has. That’s pretty basic science people learn early in their schooling, or at least they should. Hating someone based on their melanin content is completely absurd, yet there have literally been wars fought over race.

Pretty sick the petty things people often get divided about and destroy each other over.