Sci-Fi Pipe Dream or Plausible?: Either Way, Notes On More Big Thinking From Elon Musk

It may seem like I write a lot about Elon, but I recently learned something I had to comment on.

It sounds significantly like science fiction (and likely is) but Elon believes people may eventually be able to download their memories & personalities into androids, according to a post I read earlier.

Kudos to him for MORE big thinking, as he’s famed for, outlandish as this particular idea sounds.


Notes On Sci-fi Pop Culture and Severe Mental Illness

Earlier, I came across a guy who is training his children for the event of a zombie apocalypse. The bizarre thing, is that for the man I mentioned, it’s not a matter of fantasy fun and games.

It’s an all consuming obsession for an event he wholeheartedly thinks could come to pass. As much as I like sci-fi and the like, it’s pretty clear it’s bred some pretty severe mental illness in certain folks.

I’d laugh if I weren’t highly concerned for the mental health of not just him, but also his children.