Just A Few Thoughts

How many blogs are you following? How many blogs do you actually interact with and at least read, whether you comment or not?

Often, keeping up with EVERYONE you’re following can seem like a chore. Nobody expects you to be super human… but the effort, when it’s given is greatly appreciated.

Make a goal, interact with AT LEAST a couple blogs a day, it’s even okay to have your favorites, but every now and then, go to a new one you’ve never read before, or check in with one you haven’t visited in a while.

You never know the adventure that awaits.


Found A New (To Me) Book

I started reading a novel this morning, I found it in a virtual/online library and it really kept my interest. It was one part mystery, one part police procedural, and I will get back to reading it soon. I was advised once that the best writers are avid readers first, and I can see the logic in that. I might review it on my niche review blog later, haven’t yet decided fully.