Morning Notes

I did a good therapy session this morning, and my energy level is up. Assuming it stays that way, hopefully I’ll be very productive.

My wife is going to Twin this morning around nine, I think. Eli will be joining her. I am still determining whether I will go this time.

If I do, then I won’t be sharing much more here until later in the evening. I’m sure the outing will be not just good family time, but will give me good writing inspiration.


Morning Notes

Good morning,

It’s about five a.m. here, my son goes to school in a couple hours. I figured this is not too unreasonable/outrageous an hour to get my day started, seeing as I slept decently. Weather and continued energy permitting, I do plan on doing some photography later.

I will share some of that stuff on WordPress, but if you happen to know of somewhere that buys photography, I would appreciate if you let me know.

ION (In Other Notes) so far, I’m spending the morning watching “Outer Limits”– the one from the early 2000’s. I am watching it on a free streaming service.