Road Trip Photo Shots

All shots are as the title indicates, from my recent road trip. First set are a bunch of cloudscapes (clearly) followed by a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

The rest are from my birthday meal at Texas Roadhouse, yes, oddly enough that exists in Idaho, for those who didn’t know already.

Anyway, pictured from the meal: a chicken fried sirloin and one of the best bowls of chili I ever had.


Follow-up to My Great Update
Use my download link to get 10,000 good vibes when you sign up on Presto!

This is my link for any of my connections to join the new app I’ve been enjoying. If you are in any way creatively inclined as I am, you’ll get great use of it.

P.S. Vibes are what the in app point system is called, the Vibes you receive for your content can be redeemed for actual currency.


A while back, I mentioned a stock image/photography site. It was my intention to become a consistent contributor there, but so far, I’ve earned literally nothing from what I have shared there.

So, that’s a bit disappointing, especially after I was so invested and hopeful. I don’t want to be wasting my time, spinning my wheels, I’ve done that too often before.

Maybe I’m too impatient, but I do have a family.

I need to be spending my time as much as possible doing things that will get results and provide for them.

Am I giving up on the site entirely? No, but it won’t be as high priority as I originally intended. From what I’ve seen thus far, my time is better spent elsewhere.

Great Morning

Good morning everyone,

I have been up creating new art, a digital design of a woman, inspired by old school leather engravings. I do plan on sharing it to my niche art blog shortly, but it’s already been shared on one of my social media accounts in the meantime. I created it because I wanted a break from the pattern art.

Here in a little while, I will be going to do some photography, & hanging out w/my wife. I sent her a background I designed so that she can use it in a collaborative art piece. She hasn’t decided yet the specifics of that, but I will showcase it online after it’s completed of course.