Cool Morning Special Project

Made a coloring sheet for my son, might print it up on a large laminated paper, then he can color it repeatedly however he wants with washable markers.


Fresh Notes

Took a great break and am very refreshed. I shared some new art to my niche art blog, and a few other venues. I was doing a bit of online reading earlier as well.

On another, more important topic:

There’s a lot on my heart as I write this post, it is my fervent desire that all come to know the Lord Jesus.

There is a quote from a man named Penn Jillette, which says: “How much do you have to hate someone, to believe eternal life is possible and not tell them?”

Telling people about the Lord should be on the heart of EVERY believer, nobody should perish, Dear Ones. All should come to repentance.

If you’ve become lukewarm, if your passion for reaching out to others with the Love and truth of God has grown dull, my hope is that it be renewed.

We should Love each other as fervently as Jesus does.

That is all for now my friends. ❣️

Light Sabers and Quality Time

Last night, my son and I were hanging out playing with light sabers. The ones I originally ordered/bought recently were out of stock, but he bought some himself with $ he had saved up.

He bought a blue one for him, a red one for me. They made noisy sound effects, but that was the only downside.

At least we got some cool quality time together.

As a side note, I got a refund for the out of stock purchase, it’s always good when that happens, because I can put that $ to some future use.

A Quick Note To Fellow Parents

Parents often worry that they will fail their children, either by holding the reins too tight, or not tight enough. All we can really do is our best to strike a balance.

Give them room to grow and bloom, and give Love, guidance, and discipline (as needed) along the way.

Cheers to those parents who are out there right now trying to navigate (and help their children navigate) the perils of this present age. My Love and support goes out to you.

What Has Your Attention?

I spent a great deal of time this morning reading a ministry blog, and it brought a lot of things into focus in a very strong way. I am thankful it did.

What we focus our attention on certainly matters.

Not everything that WANTS our attention necessarily deserves it. That’s something we should keep in mind. Are we centered on that which is constructive, nourishing, fruitful?

We ought to be.

We should avoid pursuits that are empty and detrimental. I know some will likely say “that’s a no brainer” but it still bears saying anyway.