New Morning Notes

Every writer, at some time or another wonders if all their best work is done. They wonder if they’ve murdered the last ember of their creativity, or they wonder if they were ever really any good at the craft at all. My point is, doubts and questions for a writer are as natural as the hues of leaves changing every year. If you have questions, if you have doubts, those don’t have to be the end of days to your writing career.

Step away, take a breath, examine your heart, your soul, your mind, your previous work, gain some perspective. Never force creativity, because forced creativity will make your writing dull, lifeless. Passion matters as much as substance. Go out & live, deliberately. Live as if today is the last set of heartbeats you’ll get. None besides God knows how many we’ll get. If you think of, and live life as a blessing rather than a burden, you’ll be better off.

In your writing, and in general.


Good Morning and Notes On New and Exciting Things

The morning came quick for me, but that’s alright. I actually got really good sleep. I’m going to be helping my wife create some showcases of her art, and those are projects I’m super excited about.

I genuinely think she’s a better artist than I am, though some would say not better, just different. I can’t really have a jealous bone about it, we have always bonded over our creativity since our earliest days.