A Quick Note To Fellow Parents

Parents often worry that they will fail their children, either by holding the reins too tight, or not tight enough. All we can really do is our best to strike a balance.

Give them room to grow and bloom, and give Love, guidance, and discipline (as needed) along the way.

Cheers to those parents who are out there right now trying to navigate (and help their children navigate) the perils of this present age. My Love and support goes out to you.


Just My Two Cents

I heard earlier about a girl who was basically ignored by her parents, meanwhile, they doted on her sister. If what the girl says is the truth, which I have no reason to doubt, it makes me really wonder why. A parent should Love/respect all their children, or they shouldn’t be parents at all.

Cool Day With My Son Yesterday (and Other Notes)

Yesterday, we took my son to the lunch in the park again, then later he hung out with me while his mom went to her mother’s house. We had fun, played cards, watched cartoons, played with a balloon, smacking it around. He was well behaved the whole time which was great.

If you are a parent of a young kid, any way that you are able to show them they are valued & Loved, they will thrive on, I can promise you that.

Whatever ELSE you are doing throughout your day, taking time & giving them acknowledgement, positive attention, validation is very healthy (for them & the relationship.)

Notes On Deranged “Discipline”

While I support reasonable discipline as needed, there are some cases I’ve heard of that are overboard and borderline insane.

One such case was of a father who literally shot his child’s computer full of holes.

I know plenty of parents who think their children spend too much time with tech, but even so, I can’t wrap my mind around what would possess a person to go to that extreme.

That’s Common Sense

It has been said in discussions lately, that if a woman can’t have an abortion, men should have to stay and take care of the baby as well. This is a common sense statement, not at all controversial to me.

I am most definitely FOR men staying & taking care of their children. A responsible, mature, decent man would do this anyway. There presently being disgusting deadbeats in the world is not an argument for killing unborn offspring. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Innocent children should not be penalized for their parents actions.

Notes Regarding The Internet Character “Huggy Wuggy” and Proper Parenting

I heard about a character called “Huggy Wuggy” that is alleged by some people to encourage children to kill their parents. Some others say fears regarding the character are overblown by the internet. I have no personal experience w/the character myself, but what I’ve heard second hand inspired me to write this.

Responsible and Loving parents know they should monitor what their children consume media-wise. If they take this common sense action, and explain the difference between fantasy & reality, and nurture their child’s moral compass, then they will be fine.

Fellow Parents, Who Is Influencing Your Children?

When people embrace literal insanity and call it progress, it makes me worry about humanity as a species, and about my son especially. The “Twilight Zone” episode that is our current reality, where so many people don’t seem to know up from down, left from right, right from wrong, is not at all the world I THOUGHT he’d be growing up in.

It’s a parent’s job (among many) to keep their children well grounded, balanced,rational, but with so much foolishness floating around these days, that job is proving quite a bit more challenging than I ever anticipated.

Children are highly impressionable, pay attention to the voices of those influencing your children, you don’t want your children ensnared/tripped up/misled.

A Promise To My Precious Son

I will always deeply & dearly Love my son. Over the years as his life goes on, there will surely be things we disagree about. Those disagreements, whatever they may be, will never diminish my Love for him, or my desire to be the father to him that I am meant to.

Loving someone is not predicated on them always seeing or doing things the way you do.

It’s sometimes even HEALTHY to disagree on things, weird as that may sound. I want my son to know, that regardless of whatever different views we may hold, as long as I draw breath, he can come to me about anything, from the mundane to the monumental, and I will always have his best interests at heart.

A Note For Fellow Parents

Kids bullying each other in school is pointless. All the petty things (cliques, popularity, fashions, etc ) that they often think matter so much at that time in their lives ultimately don’t.

Parents, if you have school aged kids, teach them about what really matters, like compassion. That’s something they’ll carry with them long into adulthood.

Prepare them for life in the larger world outside of the classroom.