Responding To A Great Question

Today, I heard something that I thought would make an excellent writing prompt. It was the question:

“As machines become more capable, is the time coming when we’ll value their judgement over our own”?

Artificial intelligence lacks some things that are essential to us all, a conscience and soul.

That is just one reason among many why it would be unwise to trust their judgement over our own.

We can understand the CONSEQUENCES of our choices, for good or ill, in a way AI never could.


Answering A Question/Prompt

I recently came across the question whether it’s morally wrong to not visit a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s in a nursing home, and essentially what the point OF visiting would be.

Visiting a loved one in mental decline could be beneficial to them. For example, it could lift their mood, however temporarily, just knowing SOMEONE cares enough to visit.

I remember as a young child sometimes visiting a local nursing home in my hometown at the time on Sundays to sing for the residents, and seeing their faces light up was beautiful.

As for morality, dropping someone you profess to Love off at a nursing home & then essentially acting as if they’re dead to you WOULD be morally repugnant.

Notes Regarding The Internet Character “Huggy Wuggy” and Proper Parenting

I heard about a character called “Huggy Wuggy” that is alleged by some people to encourage children to kill their parents. Some others say fears regarding the character are overblown by the internet. I have no personal experience w/the character myself, but what I’ve heard second hand inspired me to write this.

Responsible and Loving parents know they should monitor what their children consume media-wise. If they take this common sense action, and explain the difference between fantasy & reality, and nurture their child’s moral compass, then they will be fine.

Compassion Should Not Be Berated

Having compassion for people, taking care of the widowed, the poor, etc. especially, is nothing to be berated and demonized. Yet, I’ve seen some (pretty backwards) people who get offended at the suggestion that such people should be helped.

We who believe in helping such people, don’t do it because we at all believe such people are pathetic or weak. We don’t do it to look down on anyone. We do it because it’s the moral and Loving thing to do.

Anyone getting offended about it needs to seriously get a grip.

True Love

If we Love someone, that doesn’t mean condoning everything they may choose to do. If we Love them, we have their ultimate good/best interest at heart. If we see them ensnared in something detrimental, Love would compel us to help them be free of it, not stand silent while it destroys them.