Answering A Question/Prompt

I recently came across the question whether it’s morally wrong to not visit a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s in a nursing home, and essentially what the point OF visiting would be.

Visiting a loved one in mental decline could be beneficial to them. For example, it could lift their mood, however temporarily, just knowing SOMEONE cares enough to visit.

I remember as a young child sometimes visiting a local nursing home in my hometown at the time on Sundays to sing for the residents, and seeing their faces light up was beautiful.

As for morality, dropping someone you profess to Love off at a nursing home & then essentially acting as if they’re dead to you WOULD be morally repugnant.


I am breaking today from one of my creative apps. I still intend to share there fairly regularly as possible, but to bring my A game to the platform in the future, I needed to step away now. I was on a roll sharing there recently, which I enjoyed, but I never want my content quality to suffer because of personal burnout, there or elsewhere.

Notes On Sci-fi Pop Culture and Severe Mental Illness

Earlier, I came across a guy who is training his children for the event of a zombie apocalypse. The bizarre thing, is that for the man I mentioned, it’s not a matter of fantasy fun and games.

It’s an all consuming obsession for an event he wholeheartedly thinks could come to pass. As much as I like sci-fi and the like, it’s pretty clear it’s bred some pretty severe mental illness in certain folks.

I’d laugh if I weren’t highly concerned for the mental health of not just him, but also his children.

Age Related Mental Decline & Quality of Life

Mental health is a complicated and fascinating thing. I heard a story from a guy whose grandfather was having age related memory decline. Yet, despite this decline, certain things would seemingly trigger a “spark” in the old man’s mind, so to speak, and however briefly, he’d be back to his old self.

I can relate to this more deeply these days, because my grandma B has a mixed bag… Some days when her memory is sharp, and then other days when she could barely remember something as basic as how many children she had. It breaks my heart when she has bad days like that.

I have to question how good the quality of life really is for people with such problems, in an ultimate sense.