Update On Death of Young Footballer

A while back I wrote about a 21 year old football player who suddenly dropped dead of (at that time) unknown causes. The latest on that story is he died of a blood clot, according to an article I read.

I am writing this because I had promised an update as facts became available. I just became aware of this development.


A.M. Notes

Hello Dear Ones,

It’s been somewhat stressful here, due to a new medication my son is on. His Dr. decided ultimately that he needs it after all.

It makes him irritable more than usual, it’s meant for preventing future seizures, but ironically, if we were to take him OFF of it quickly, that could TRIGGER a seizure, according to what I read online regarding potential risks/side effects.

I’m keeping a vigilant eye on him, and we will be setting up a video conference with his neurologist soon to give an update on how he’s doing.

A Crazy Story

So, earlier I came across a story about a patient that hadn’t taken his meds in a while. He then tried to catch up on all his missed medication at once, compounding his medical troubles of course.

I’ve heard of people doing many dumb things over the years, but this is among those that really take the cake.

On The Use of the Word Spaz: Context Matters

So, there is a lot of controversy, people up in arms, over the use of the word spaz, which comes from the word spastic. If you call someone a spaz in a mocking way, yeah I can see how that’s offensive, but as someone who has a spastic disorder, I don’t find the term INHERENTLY offensive.

If someone used the word spaz simply as an accurate descriptive term, rather than mocking, I’d be fine with that.

Heart Failure & Flu Like Symptoms

I just came across some stunning information. This may be common knowledge to some, but I share about it for the rest. Evidently, heart failure can cause flu like symptoms. I am not trying to fear-monger, or have everyone & their mother panic-Googling on the subject.

I do advise that if you have flu like symptoms, you have yourself professionally evaluated in case it IS something more serious.