(Another) Good Morning

Good morning again, you all.

Had a great family outing/date night with my wife yesterday.

I don’t care how long a couple has been married, it’s important to keep the fire raging, as the saying goes. Many people START with romancing their spouse, when things are brand new, and they let it wane over time.

They allow themselves to start seeing things as a chore w/their spouse rather than there being the deep and abiding connection and Love there should be.

I’m not saying marriage is all sunshine and unicorns 24/7, but there is no reason for marriage to become stale either. It’s a choice what we make a priority, and if your spouse ISN’T high priority, why be married at all? Just worth thinking about.


An Update

Good morning, Dear Ones.

I know it’s been a little bit since I posted here last. My wife and I recently celebrated our decade wedding anniversary, which was great.

We went to Texas Roadhouse, (one of her favorite places.)

Other than that, I’ve been otherwise busy being productive elsewhere largely. Presently as I type this, I’m resting and listening to the music of a musician friend of mine.

Anyway, just thought I should update to let people know I’m still breathing, and that things are good overall.

On Marriage: Bond Over Each Other’s Success, Don’t Resent It

I am not an expert on marriage by any means, even after being married since 2012, there are some things I’m still learning. Here’s one thing I do know, as partners, you should never resent each other’s successes.

Support each other and bond over them.

P.S. Each individual in a partnership/marriage has their own strengths, talents, and passions, something unique they bring to the table, and they should be appreciated for that.