Notes On Quotes

I was reading about quotes earlier. We all have our favorite ones, the ones that have had a huge impact on us over the years.

It seems like some people have a quote for every occasion or situation. What’s a quote (or series of quotes) that have seriously impacted your life?



Happy and Blessed Sunday to you all, Dear Ones. If you do not yet know the Lord, my hope is that today is the day that you put your trust in Him.

Whatever else is going on in your life, nothing is more important than knowing Christ. A relationship with Him is never in vain.

A Few Morning Notes

Good morning, everyone.

I’m consuming as much writing as I can. I’m hoping to draw on it later for inspiration in my own material. Writers like Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway often drew on their own life for material.

This has become classic advice among writers, to write what they know. When you have an endless well of experience to draw from, writer’s block can’t really find a good foothold.

I know of one writer who has built an entire career just jotting down his nightmares. Not that I’d always advise that or think it works for everyone, but it’s good methodology for him at least.

Had A (Mostly) Good Day

Watched “3: The Dale Earnhardt Story” earlier, then hung out with Courtney & Eli. Then we did some more cleaning & shopping, and had lunch. (Popcorn chicken & potato wedges.) It’s been a relaxing day. I shared art on various venues, talked to a couple friends, and not much more.

Hope my readers are well today.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t gotten around to contacting the assistive services, but I will soon.

Some New Personal Notes

Yesterday was great, hung out with Eli one on one most of the day. We watched shows, he really likes Pinky and the Brain. We ate lunch together, and played games. His mother spent most of the day visiting her mother. She also did some shopping and finished a diamond painting.

This morning, we watched AFV (America’s Funniest Videos) and had some family time together. Now, Eli is at his grandma’s w/his mother, so I thought I’d get some writing in here.

Great Dinner & Evening Last Night…(and Morning Notes)

Hello Dear ones,

I had a great evening (for the most part) last night. Dinner was Alfredo pasta, salad, and fruit punch. It was delicious and there were leftovers, which I will likely have for lunch today. In other notes: My son has an upcoming field trip before the school year is out, to a planetarium. I am hoping it’s really beneficial to him & sparks great curiosity in his young mind.

He has a dental appointment today, which he’s not thrilled about, but he is excited that he gets the day out of school for it. I can definitely understand and relate to that. As for what specifically he’ll do after his appointment, that’s TBD. We’ll just go w/the flow today & see where it goes.

Good (Early) Morning & Some Notes

I had a great day with my son one on one yesterday.

We went to a park by our place & shot off toy guns (with foam ammo) together. Initially, he had stayed home from school because he wasn’t feeling well, but by later in the day he’d recovered well, hence why we were able to have some fun.

Beyond going to the park and having our playtime there, he also played some computer games & watched Octonauts.

Later today, one of his great cousins is coming to town & wants to see him when he’s off of school. She’s bringing her father up to do some bowling, so while her father does that she’ll hang out w/Eli.

If my body allows me the energy, I will be joining them, for a while at least.

Afternoon Notes

I spent the morning mainly hanging out with my wife, watching shows, and sharing art on various venues. I’m also growing my network of art world connections, which I’m very excited about.

I’m not going to post a lot here today, I apologize if that disappoints, but I will be back sharing when I am up for it, energy wise as well as subject wise.

(Early) Morning Notes

Good morning everyone.

Busy day today, primarily my wife & I have a parent/teacher conference with Eli’s teacher. He had some issues we knew of before, but nothing else new has been reported to us, and I’m hoping that no news = good news. The conference won’t be until after his pick up time today.

In other notes, my wife Courtney was able to get something she needed for her diabetes. It’s an automatic monitor thing that makes it so she doesn’t have to do finger pricks constantly. We weren’t sure at first whether our insurance would cover it, but I’m thankful it did after all.

I am really hoping my energy levels stay decent today, at least for the things we NEED to get done.

Anyway, it’s only 3:30 a.m. here, I’ve been creating, writing, and listening to music. I suppose I ought to rest, just to help my body (perhaps) have the energy I need later.

Assuming I’m not spent after our day, I might share more here later.