Fair Enough??

What I want from the next President of the United States is that said person be intelligent, strong, moral, and care about the country. I don’t think any of these things are too much to ask for. I don’t expect perfection, because none of us live up to that, but be a reasonably decent human.


Tough Love Is A Great Thing

Too many people these days don’t know the value of tough Love, because they’ve never experienced it. Their parents, teachers, etc. were too busy trying to be everybody’s friend, rather than give them the true guidance they need in life.

I’m not saying parents and children, teachers and children can’t ever be friends, I’m just making the point that priorities matter, as does balance.

Be the parent, teacher, guide you should be FIRST, those under your influence will benefit from it greatly, they may whine about it initially, but in the grand scheme, they’ll be better, stronger people.