A Change of Plans (and Other Notes)

In a (now deleted) post, I originally said I was going on hiatus from my blogs. There’s been a change in that plan. I have too much on my mind to go on hiatus right now. My son has a school thing that we will be attending later. It’s a concert type thing, which I am excited for.

Presently, I am charging up my phone so that I can use the camera on it then.

In other notes, I saw a social media post earlier that made the claim (without evidence) that all billionaires are deviant predators. It was posted by a so-called comedian, so maybe it was (somehow, unclear to me) meant as a joke? If so, it was the most humorless one I’ve heard.

On the other hand, it’s pretty slanderous, if it wasn’t a joke.

Slander, defamation, libel these are all tortious in the U.S., not protected under the 1st Amendment. The platform that hosted the statement is American.


Death Threats & The Constitution

I have heard of some people sending DEATH THREATS to people who simply disagreed with or challenged them. It’s the height of insanity, and as far as I know, death threats are not covered/protected speech under the Constitution of the United States.

I don’t know whether they’d be classified as felonies or misdemeanors, but I would advise anyone receiving such threats to report them to law enforcement immediately.

Getting Rid Of The Sex Offender Registry Is A VERY Bad Idea, and Those That Support It’s Eradication Set Off Alarm Bells With Me

There are people who want to get rid of the sex offender registry. There are a multitude of reasons why I will never support it’s eradication. The registry was invented as a VICTIM protection measure, and still serves that purpose. To dissolve/eradicate it would EMBOLDEN perpetrators.

I would argue anyone PUSHING to have the registry dissolved should be investigated as possible predators. Their apparent sympathy for predators is reason enough to be suspicious that they are likewise.

Twitter (Even As A Private American Company) Is Still Bound By The Constitution

Twitter IS a private company, as has been pointed out by those who claim Twitter can entirely do as it pleases w/in it’s own realm, so to speak. HOWEVER, Twitter is bound (as an American company) to American law.

The Constitution is America’s law, certain people disliking that fact is irrelevant.

Even though Twitter is a private company, they DO NOT have the right to violate the Constitutional rights of the people who engage on their platform.

This is true regardless how much Twitter’s present admin may have selective tantrums over the free exercise of those Constitutional rights, or how many may claim Twitter somehow ISN’T bound to the Constitution.

False Rape Accusations & Accountability

What I am about to write may tick off certain people, but it needs to be written. Sometimes, false rape accusations are made against people. The reasons for the false accusations may be as varied as the accusers themselves.

For the record, I am not saying, or implying in any way, that ALL rape accusations are false, just that false accusations do at times happen.

Just as rape is wrong, so is falsely accusing someone of such a crime. I believe that just as a rapist ought to be held accountable, a person who levels false rape charges against someone ought to be held accountable as well.