Update On Death of Young Footballer

A while back I wrote about a 21 year old football player who suddenly dropped dead of (at that time) unknown causes. The latest on that story is he died of a blood clot, according to an article I read.

I am writing this because I had promised an update as facts became available. I just became aware of this development.


Are You A Fan of Garlic?

Are you a fan of garlic? I’ve read that garlic (and garlic supplements) have incredible heart health benefits. I’ve also read that garlic supplements can reduce arterial plaque.

Garlic can be added to a wide range of dishes, if you’re not really a fan of the taste of garlic you can certainly mask it with other flavors.

Addressing The Issue of Chronic Anger

We all lose our cool at times, we might as well get that acknowledgement out of the way from the jump as this post begins.

Anger has it’s place, to be sure, but living in a constant state of anger is poisonous (to ourselves and others around us.)

If you have a chronic anger problem, don’t let it fester in you. Acknowledging a problem is the first step to dealing with it.

There are plenty of resources (especially these days) to help, just need to be willing to seek them out. There is no shame in seeking help in ANY areas of life where it’s needed.

You and those you Love will be better off for it.

A Crazy Story

So, earlier I came across a story about a patient that hadn’t taken his meds in a while. He then tried to catch up on all his missed medication at once, compounding his medical troubles of course.

I’ve heard of people doing many dumb things over the years, but this is among those that really take the cake.

Eli’s 9 Year Wellness Check Notes

My son had an appointment today (his nine year wellness check.) It went great, but he’s being referred to St. Luke’s in Twin Falls for an in depth neurologist visit. It’s just a precaution on our part since he had the seizure at school a while back.

I’m hoping no issues are found, but his PC physician is concerned that there may be something more substantial going on.

Guess we’ll see, please keep him in your prayers. Thank you all in advance.

Answering A Question/Prompt

I recently came across the question whether it’s morally wrong to not visit a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s in a nursing home, and essentially what the point OF visiting would be.

Visiting a loved one in mental decline could be beneficial to them. For example, it could lift their mood, however temporarily, just knowing SOMEONE cares enough to visit.

I remember as a young child sometimes visiting a local nursing home in my hometown at the time on Sundays to sing for the residents, and seeing their faces light up was beautiful.

As for morality, dropping someone you profess to Love off at a nursing home & then essentially acting as if they’re dead to you WOULD be morally repugnant.

Great To Know

So, through an agency where I live, I qualify for some housekeeping assistance (b/c of my limited mobility) which is good to know. Very helpful. Just need to get in touch with them & explain my situation, agencies that offer such services are a beautiful thing, good for any elderly and/or disabled that need them.

Cool Day With My Son Yesterday (and Other Notes)

Yesterday, we took my son to the lunch in the park again, then later he hung out with me while his mom went to her mother’s house. We had fun, played cards, watched cartoons, played with a balloon, smacking it around. He was well behaved the whole time which was great.

If you are a parent of a young kid, any way that you are able to show them they are valued & Loved, they will thrive on, I can promise you that.

Whatever ELSE you are doing throughout your day, taking time & giving them acknowledgement, positive attention, validation is very healthy (for them & the relationship.)

This Needed Said

Obesity & the celebration of it are not “beautiful”, “wonderful” or an “advancement” of any kind. This is not a bigoted statement either. It’s objectively true that chronically unhealthy choices as a LIFESTYLE have detrimental & even potentially DEADLY repercussions.

A society does NO ONE any favors by pretending otherwise in the name of “tolerance”.