Brief A.M. Notes

Good A.M., Dear Ones (or P.M. depending where you are in the world.)

So, my wife and I were going to take Eli to a family friendly movie last night, but the showing slot was sold out. We are going to try again later today (at the matinee) we’re obviously hoping that goes better.

It will be great quality time, I’m sure.

In other news, my internet was down most of yesterday. I’m thinking it was a full on regional outage, not just mine. In the near future I have a lot to catch up on.


New Brief Notes

I hope everyone had a great resurrection Sunday the other day.

It’s about midnight where I am presently.

I thought I’d get some writing in here while it’s peaceful in my home/not hectic. I’m going to be out of town later, my wife & I are going to Twin Falls.

She has an appointment, beyond that we may do a bit of shopping and I may get some photography done. We also plan on lunching at Sonic, haven’t been there in a while.

My son is spending the day (after school, until we get back) with his grandparents.

Anyway, that’s OUR agenda for the day, whatever you do, I hope you have an excellent day. I’ll post more when we get home for the evening.

New A.M. Notes

Hello Dear Ones,

It’s a bit after midnight here, it’s been a fairly easy going day. Lately I’ve been in the midst of doing some new projects, hanging out with Courtney & Eli, etc.

I may (weather permitting) take them out for a picnic sometime this week. Eli is out of classes for Spring Break.

Anyway, I am somewhat tired at the moment, so I will close this post out for the time being.

Great Report On Eli Today

Had a parent teacher conference with Eli’s teacher today. His teacher said he’s like a sponge, soaking up all that she has to teach him.

She’s one of the best teachers he’s had in my opinion.

Eli has a wonderfully bright mind, he’s actually quite a bit more advanced than many in his class. His teacher says he’s taken up reading to his classmates, which is great.

I tend to believe that among his classmates, he’s going to turn out to be a leader. He’s already a great example to them.

Light Sabers and Quality Time

Last night, my son and I were hanging out playing with light sabers. The ones I originally ordered/bought recently were out of stock, but he bought some himself with $ he had saved up.

He bought a blue one for him, a red one for me. They made noisy sound effects, but that was the only downside.

At least we got some cool quality time together.

As a side note, I got a refund for the out of stock purchase, it’s always good when that happens, because I can put that $ to some future use.

Well, That Was Quicker Than Expected (Afternoon Notes)

I’m making a quick bounce back from my issue this morning, which is awesome.

I actually am very much feeling up to sharing more here and on my other blogs.

I’ve also had a highly productive day in general.

My wife and son hung out with me this morning, but now they are off spending time with extended family.

I have a couple fresh (and I think awesome) art designs which I’ll be sharing on my niche art blog for those interested. For those not, well, no hard feelings, still have much Love for you and thanks for stopping by.

Good Morning All

Good morning, Dear Ones.

Today is a fairly good day, despite me not feeling the greatest (my family has had a cold going round.)

If you follow my art blog, you know I did an elephant art piece for a connection/fan recently.

Even with all the digital tools available to me, it took a fair bit of time, but it was well spent for the results I got. I won’t be sharing a lot today, because I’m going to focus on recovering from my cold.

I’ll get back to sharing everywhere as soon as I’m up for it.

Anyway, much Love to you all.

A.M. Notes

Hello Dear Ones,

It’s been somewhat stressful here, due to a new medication my son is on. His Dr. decided ultimately that he needs it after all.

It makes him irritable more than usual, it’s meant for preventing future seizures, but ironically, if we were to take him OFF of it quickly, that could TRIGGER a seizure, according to what I read online regarding potential risks/side effects.

I’m keeping a vigilant eye on him, and we will be setting up a video conference with his neurologist soon to give an update on how he’s doing.