A Necessary Correction To An Earlier Post

A while back, I wrote about Elon’s takeover of Twitter. At the time, I thought it was a done deal, in the bag, finalized. More recently, I came to the knowledge that’s not exactly the case.

The deal as far as I know, isn’t dead, but there are issues that need resolution. I just felt the need to issue this post for clarity sake.

I am admittedly actually a bit embarrassed that I pre-maturely thanked him for buying the platform, knowing as of lately that the deal hasn’t been completed as I originally thought.


Breaks My Heart

It came to my attention recently that Elon Musk (sometime a bit ago which I evidently missed initially) said he is “okay with going to hell”. I’m not sure the full context of the statement, but I can’t even explain how much statements like this break my heart.

I wouldn’t wish hell on my absolute worst enemy.

My hope is that he will come to realize his need for Christ, and be saved.

Responding To Some News From Tesla

I just read that Tesla has stated they will fund travel & lodging for their staff who “need healthcare unavailable in their home State” some people have claimed this is a reference to abortion. I think they may be reading into it.

If I am wrong, and they are correct, and if Elon is supportive of it, then as much as I’ve respected him on other things, we are definitely at odds here, and that’s an absolute understatement.

A Defense of Elon Musk

There are people trying to paint Elon Musk as a racist, he isn’t, not at all. In fact, he left South Africa so that he would not have to spend years in Military service to the apartheid government. He had no desire to oppress black people, or anyone, and in fact has done quite a lot for humanity at large.

Nonetheless, the hit pieces and smear campaigns will probably keep coming from those who hate him with an insane and fierce passion.

Sci-Fi Pipe Dream or Plausible?: Either Way, Notes On More Big Thinking From Elon Musk

It may seem like I write a lot about Elon, but I recently learned something I had to comment on.

It sounds significantly like science fiction (and likely is) but Elon believes people may eventually be able to download their memories & personalities into androids, according to a post I read earlier.

Kudos to him for MORE big thinking, as he’s famed for, outlandish as this particular idea sounds.

The Twitter Meltdowns Were Real

I saw personally, people saying that if Elon fully bought Twitter, they’d leave the platform. I also saw the full on meltdowns/adult tantrums the other day, and today I saw people claiming said meltdowns didn’t happen.

They are lying. If they’ll lie over something as trivial as that, how can they be trusted on anything of significant importance?

I lost a couple connections personally on the platform as soon as I expressed thanks to Elon for buying it. I responded as follows:

To my connections, past, present, and potential: If you are upset by me being happy that Elon bought Twitter, I bear no animosity towards you. Simultaneously though, neither do I apologize for being happy that he did. I like him, you don’t, and life goes on for us both.

I still presently BELIEVE Elon when he says he advocates free speech on the platform for all users (barring any actual ILLEGAL CONTENT, obviously.) and I support and respect him for that reason.

While it’s true that I bear no animosity toward those who are upset about Elon’s takeover, I did find the meltdowns hilarious.

More Notes On Elon Musk

Some of the things I absolutely love about Elon Musk is his never ending work ethic, and his infinite capacity for dreaming big. The more I continue to study his life, the more respect I have for him. He’s willing to personally put SO MUCH on the line to succeed, and that’s a powerful inspiration.

He’s been called controversial, and everyone has their share of enemies, but even his critics can’t deny that he definitely works like a dog going after his favorite bone, unrelenting.

He taught HIMSELF to code, and sold his first tech program at 12 years old, according to one documentary I recently saw. I wasn’t doing anything so remarkable as that when I was 12, at least not that I recall.

If he wants to know how to do something, he just goes and learns how, and nothing seems to adequately quench his thirst for knowledge.

Elon Musk,Twitter, & The Cancel Cult

I’ve been reading that many people want Elon Musk to buy Twitter. Elon believes in free people being able to speak their minds without the cancel cult being able to just shut down anything they dislike.

As long as Elon keeps said reasonable mindset, I’d be all for him buying Twitter (and any other social he sees fit) to save said socials from the insanity that is the cancel mob.

Not surprisingly, there are those who HATE the idea, because they ENJOY being able to silence anyone w/POV’s different from their own. Some of the people who hate the idea, are calling anyone who encourages Elon to buy Twitter “mentally ill” etc.

It will be interesting (to say the least) to see what comes of it all.

Good Morning, and Notes On Elon Musk

Good morning, Dear ones.

Earlier, I was doing some reading on the life of Elon Musk. Whether you Love him, hate him, or are indifferent, I did find the reading highly interesting and worthwhile.

He is successful in many areas, but this wasn’t always the case. According to one biographical piece I read on him, he was heavily bullied as a child.

There are also claims online that he was otherwise abused as well, but I don’t have corroboration & I know some things are posted by click baiters to draw people in. Anyway, if he’s had as hard a life as some have claimed, he appears to be a stronger human being for it, from what I can tell.

I read that he has PERSONALLY assisted other people who were struggling, and I respect him immensely for that. A lot of people act as if material gain makes them better than other people, but Elon (as far as I know) doesn’t possess a snobbish attitude like that.

I want to end this post w/a quote, “It costs nothing to be a decent human being”.