Sickening, Tragic News

I just heard about a young kid basically, (only 18) who was killed for his conservative politics. Whatever happened to reasoned discussion and debate?

I hate how divided my country has become, I’m sick to death of it, honestly. According to the murderer, his victim was a right wing extremist.

I’ve been around long enough to know that word/phrase gets thrown around far too easily these days though.


A Practical Deterrent Against School Crime

My reaction to the recent shooting at a school in Uvalde (not far from the town in Texas that I spent much of my childhood in) is that we need to better protect our children, which I think any reasonable person can agree on.

The question then, is how to go about this, and my suggestion is to beef up security at schools nationwide.

Putting up signs that say “this is a gun free zone” does nothing to actually protect people from evil individuals bent on committing atrocities. In fact, I think it is counterproductive.

If anything it ANNOUNCES to such people that the school grounds are vulnerable.

On the other hand, ACTIVELY BEEFING UP SECURITY, whether it’s by significantly adding law enforcement at the grounds, or training teachers to defend their students against criminals, or both, would act as a real deterrent.

Not Now, Not Ever

Laws are in place to protect people from exploitation and abuse for a reason. They should be strictly enforced, not relaxed.

Don’t give perverts and predators even one second worth of opportunity to fulfill their depraved appetites. Not now, not ever.

If our laws on this are weakened or rescinded, the consequences will be devastating. We need to be steadfast on this issue, unmoved and unmovable.

Death Threats & The Constitution

I have heard of some people sending DEATH THREATS to people who simply disagreed with or challenged them. It’s the height of insanity, and as far as I know, death threats are not covered/protected speech under the Constitution of the United States.

I don’t know whether they’d be classified as felonies or misdemeanors, but I would advise anyone receiving such threats to report them to law enforcement immediately.

Getting Rid Of The Sex Offender Registry Is A VERY Bad Idea, and Those That Support It’s Eradication Set Off Alarm Bells With Me

There are people who want to get rid of the sex offender registry. There are a multitude of reasons why I will never support it’s eradication. The registry was invented as a VICTIM protection measure, and still serves that purpose. To dissolve/eradicate it would EMBOLDEN perpetrators.

I would argue anyone PUSHING to have the registry dissolved should be investigated as possible predators. Their apparent sympathy for predators is reason enough to be suspicious that they are likewise.

Just Plain Downright Evil

I’ve had some time to post again, our place is mostly ready to be inspected at last.

Anyway, I recently came across a story about a couple who set a girl on fire, absolutely despicable. Anyone capable of something THAT heinous is surely a psychopath (a person w/a dead conscience.) Turns my stomach & grieves my heart. Children are the most innocent among us, they deserve the utmost compassion & most zealous protection.

I am glad the beastly perpetrators were brought to justice.

Notes On Discipline vs. Child Abuse

I would never in my life support child abuse, though I am a firm believer in discipline as needed.

Also, when a child (or even an adult) is in trouble for something, the consequences by their nature aren’t supposed to be pleasant. If they were pleasant, they wouldn’t deter wrong behavior, that’s what used to be common sense, but it’s not as common anymore.

Some children who were never abused may brand the discipline they received AS abuse because it was unpleasant, regardless how fair and warranted the discipline was.

With that reality in mind, it’s important that child abuse claims be investigated thoroughly & properly, and that a “witch hunt” or “guilty til proven innocent” mentality doesn’t take hold.

I think all rationally thinking people agree, a parent or other authority figure should not BULLY a child by any means, and if they do, they should face discipline themselves, by appropriate authorities.

Wrongful Criminal Conviction Based On Secondary DNA Transfer

I recently read about something in forensics called secondary transfer of DNA. Essentially, it’s where someone’s DNA is inadvertently transferred to a crime scene, without the person actually having anything to do with the crime.

The criminal justice system often believes that a suspect’s DNA being at a crime scene is iron clad proof of guilt, even though it’s not as infallible as many think.