Present Thoughts On EV’s

I heard about a man charging his EV (electric vehicle) for 10 hours, and it only reaching 20% power. Whether you are an EV fan, opponent, or indifferent either way, you’d have to admit that is a sad display of inefficiency.

I don’t know what caused the issue, but it’s not the first concerning thing I’ve heard about EV’s in general.

Am I discouraging the use of EV’s? You may wonder. I’d simply advise people weigh the pros and cons, research for themselves.

Personally, I’m not buying one anytime soon.


Some Things On My Mind

Here in a few hours, my son will be headed off to school.

I thought I’d get some writing in until then, seeing as I couldn’t sleep anyway. There is a lot on my mind, so it’s no wonder I’m wide awake. The other day, I took my wife & son out for an early Valentine’s meal, so that was pleasant. It got my mind off of a lot going on both in my life, and in my country at large.

I’m overall doing quite well, but some other members of my family, not so much, unfortunately. My mother B has had some health issues lately, as has my grandmother B, and my older sister Jess. I’m stating these things as informative facts, and because they are concerning and I needed to vent.

I’m not trying to whine.