Essential Fellowship

It is essential for believers to have fellowship with one another. I don’t just mean in a church building, though that is certainly good.

Finding communities of fellow believers can help nourish and sharpen our faith. You can find communities in many places, online and off.


A Special Thanks To My Blogging Friends

There are some bloggers that (if I had the time) I’d sit and read all day. Bloggers who never waste a word, but instead are absolutely diligent in putting their best foot forward, or who truly do bring their A game.

I always come away from reading their stuff having benefited in SOME way, whether it’s learning something new, having my day brightened, having my faith nurtured, having my creativity stirred, etc.

The blogging community here has been an incredible blessing and I cannot fully express how thankful I am.

Morning Notes

Good day everyone,

It’s presently around 3:00 in the morning here & I couldn’t sleep, so figured I may as well be productive. I recently subscribed to a new (to me) streaming service, so I could be watching movies. They’d give me fresh content to review on my niche review blog at least. I might do that after I finish this post.

Anyway, my son wants a one on one hang out day later, and I’m excited for it, even though I don’t yet know all the specifics of what we will do together. It is the opening day to this Summer’s lunch in the park.

He will go to that for sure sometimes.

We appreciate our community for doing it every year.

I may take my camera on nice enough days, so that I can do some fresh photography.