Andrew Carnegie Notes (Part One)

As of late, I have begun listening to an audiobook about American industrialist Andrew Carnegie. So far, I have found it holds my attention.

Some people know of Carnegie hall, but not much about it’s namesake.

Previously, I watched a documentary about him, and his contributions to American society, industry,and culture.

That’s what piqued my curiosity and pushed me to learn more.

As I continue listening, I will take notes, and share from those anything of the greatest value and interest @ a later date.


Biting Irony

I recently read that a particular website that gives people so called “reputation scores” itself has a (to say the least) questionable/sketchy reputation. The biting irony was hilarious.

They’ve been called an outright scam, as well as faced lawsuits from people. Among other issues.

I don’t put much trust anyway in online people search/reputation sites generally.

Why? Their information could be simply outdated, to just plain wrong from the outset at times, etc.

JonBenét Ramsey & An Absurd Conspiracy Claim

There’s an absurd conspiracy theory that pop singer Katy Perry is JonBenét Ramsey. Anyone who even superficially knows who JonBenét was knows why I say the conspiracy theory is absurd.

From what I could tell, the theory primarily stems from age progressed photos of JonBenét that some think bear a striking resemblance to Katy.

Even if they do bear a resemblance, it doesn’t prove the claim. Lots of people bear a resemblance to one another. For example: I was told when I was younger, especially in my teens, I resembled River Phoenix, big whoop. Coincidence.

People who promote the theory seem to willfully ignore/dismiss one glaringly obvious and easily verified (albeit tragic) fact, JonBenét is dead.

There are other things they willfully ignore as well, but this one is enough in itself.

About A Sci-fi Show & An Observation

Earlier, I was watching an episode of the 1990’s sci-fi show “Sliders”. In the particular episode, the Sliders landed on a world where people were addicted to a type of VR (Virtual Reality) technology.

So addicted were they, that when they were disconnected from it, they acted like they couldn’t wait to get hooked back in again for their next fix.

I couldn’t help but notice how much it resembles our ACTUAL world in 2023. Sure, the tech is different, but the addiction many have to it is very much the same.

Found A New (To Me) Book

I started reading a novel this morning, I found it in a virtual/online library and it really kept my interest. It was one part mystery, one part police procedural, and I will get back to reading it soon. I was advised once that the best writers are avid readers first, and I can see the logic in that. I might review it on my niche review blog later, haven’t yet decided fully.

A House Divided

The world has changed drastically from my teenhood to now. Chronic fighting like petulant school children has become commonplace among many adults who should know better, but who have the maturity level OF said school children.

It’s really a sad thing to see.

Many in my country don’t even have shared basic values anymore, and as we all know, a house divided cannot stand.