The Importance of Watching Our Tongues (Part II)

It’s 3:05 in the morning as I write this post, I figure since I am awake, I may as well be productive. Humans have coined words for all sorts of expression, to express anger, joy, disgust, and so on.

I wrote previously about the importance of watching our tongues, this is the 2nd installment of those notes.

Scripture doesn’t give us a laundry list of specific words or phrases to avoid, but we are warned to avoid corrupt speech. The term “corrupt speech” covers a lot of ground. Anything from lying to using the Lord’s name in vain is corrupt speech.

A lot of times, people are so flippant, but we ought not be.

Just remember Dear ones, words have power, for good or ill.


Blogging Your Way

Some people use their blogs to send out “micro-shares” to their readers, short blurb-like posts like they do with their “status” on social media. Others may choose to write full length articles, still OTHERS may choose to mix it up & do a combination.

I personally would read either/or, I find neither choice to be inherently bad. It’s really a matter of personal taste, rather than either technique being a set in stone law of blogging.

True Love

If we Love someone, that doesn’t mean condoning everything they may choose to do. If we Love them, we have their ultimate good/best interest at heart. If we see them ensnared in something detrimental, Love would compel us to help them be free of it, not stand silent while it destroys them.