Just My Two Cents

I heard earlier about a girl who was basically ignored by her parents, meanwhile, they doted on her sister. If what the girl says is the truth, which I have no reason to doubt, it makes me really wonder why. A parent should Love/respect all their children, or they shouldn’t be parents at all.


Cool Day With My Son Yesterday (and Other Notes)

Yesterday, we took my son to the lunch in the park again, then later he hung out with me while his mom went to her mother’s house. We had fun, played cards, watched cartoons, played with a balloon, smacking it around. He was well behaved the whole time which was great.

If you are a parent of a young kid, any way that you are able to show them they are valued & Loved, they will thrive on, I can promise you that.

Whatever ELSE you are doing throughout your day, taking time & giving them acknowledgement, positive attention, validation is very healthy (for them & the relationship.)

In Defense of the Unborn

I am and will always be against abortion, it IS murder, regardless of the many arguments it’s advocates use to claim otherwise.

I’ve seen people fight for the rights of animals, and even some fight for hardened guilty criminals to not be executed, yet some of these same people think it’s perfectly moral to murder innocent children in the womb.

Children are the most innocent in our society, if a mother actually doesn’t want the child, there are plenty of people who would give them a loving home.

Response To The Product of Rape/Incest Argument

Rape & incest are atrocious crimes, but killing a baby who is the product of rape or incest is atrocious as well. Punishing a child for the circumstances by which they were conceived (which they had zero control over) is compounding an already terrible situation, not fixing it.

Just Plain Downright Evil

I’ve had some time to post again, our place is mostly ready to be inspected at last.

Anyway, I recently came across a story about a couple who set a girl on fire, absolutely despicable. Anyone capable of something THAT heinous is surely a psychopath (a person w/a dead conscience.) Turns my stomach & grieves my heart. Children are the most innocent among us, they deserve the utmost compassion & most zealous protection.

I am glad the beastly perpetrators were brought to justice.

A Promise To My Precious Son

I will always deeply & dearly Love my son. Over the years as his life goes on, there will surely be things we disagree about. Those disagreements, whatever they may be, will never diminish my Love for him, or my desire to be the father to him that I am meant to.

Loving someone is not predicated on them always seeing or doing things the way you do.

It’s sometimes even HEALTHY to disagree on things, weird as that may sound. I want my son to know, that regardless of whatever different views we may hold, as long as I draw breath, he can come to me about anything, from the mundane to the monumental, and I will always have his best interests at heart.