C19 Protocols, Nuclear Attacks, & Priorities

In the event of a possible nuclear attack, C19 would be the absolute furthest thing from my mind. Yet, there are people who evidently would be concerned about C19 social distancing protocol in the midst of such an event.

I’d argue that radiation exposure would be a much more deadly threat than C19, but that’s just my two cents, and of course I’m just some man on an internet blog.

I’ve read that some radiation doses can kill literally instantly, granted those doses would have to be extremely high by all accounts. I’ve read that radiation in small doses (doses that won’t kill you immediately) still carry risks of causing diseases such as cancer and such.

If you are in the midst of a nuclear attack, and your primary concern is that you might contract C19 from those taking refuge with you, I’d say you need to rethink a few things.