Miscellaneous Notes

Good morning, Dear Ones.

I was listening earlier to an audiobook biography of one of my favorite guitarists. It had me completely caught up in it. I still plan to share new original music on WordPress soon. I’m not sure if it will be purely experimental, or a specifically defined genre yet.

There’s plenty to enjoy about music, but one of my favorite aspects is how each piece is it’s own fresh adventure, in a sense. Each piece has it’s own pace & style, evoking such a wide variety of emotions & thoughts.


Morning Notes

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well, as for me, I have had a busy morning already. I’ve done some writing, created new art, and spent some time on socials. I was listening also to a brief talk by Dr. Jordan Peterson. I find the way he articulates things very fascinating.

On another note: I do have a few other new projects in mind, whether I’ll get to EVERYTHING today remains TBD. I’ll share more here as time & life allow.

Morning Notes

Good morning, friends.

Presently, I am watching a forensics show.

The plan for later today is for my son to hang out one on one with me (after school.) I might use his mother’s ice cream maker to make him an after school snack.

Also, weather permitting we’ll go outside and play. He’ll also have homework I’m sure, but that’s usually pretty quick (provided he stays on task.)

In the meantime, while my son is in school, I’ll create more art, hang out w/Courtney, and catch up on some writing that has been delayed since I took most of yesterday off from sharing. You all will be glad to know my pain from my fall has largely subsided.

Good Morning

Good morning,

It’s only about four A.M. here but I got decent sleep earlier so I am amped up pretty well. I hope it lasts, I suppose I’ll have to wait and see. At some point in the near future, I may upload pics & video from my son’s concert. I am also going to be doing a lot of new commentaries on my review blog.

In other notes, one of my wife’s cousins is coming up to see us soon, as long as he can get the time off for it. She hasn’t seen him since Christmas. We’re all looking forward to it. I don’t know the particulars for the visit, the specific activities we’ll do, but I told him we can discuss that when he does come up.

Blogging Your Way

Some people use their blogs to send out “micro-shares” to their readers, short blurb-like posts like they do with their “status” on social media. Others may choose to write full length articles, still OTHERS may choose to mix it up & do a combination.

I personally would read either/or, I find neither choice to be inherently bad. It’s really a matter of personal taste, rather than either technique being a set in stone law of blogging.

Fellow Bloggers, Aspire To Leave Your Readers BETTER OFF Than When They First Came To Your Pages

Everybody has a congregation. People within their sphere of influence. When a blogger communicates to readers, he (or she) is talking to their congregation, in a sense.

The question, is are they communicating something worthwhile? Are they bettering the lives of those they are communicating to?

These are things worth thinking about for any blogger. Now, not every post has to have a serious tone, there’s a place for things such as humor, entertainment, etc. I’m not slamming these things at all.

Ultimately, a blogger wants their readers to leave their pages better off than when they first came to them. Whether it’s through having learned something, gaining inspiration, or any other capacity possible.