Good Morning All

Good morning, Dear Ones.

Today is a fairly good day, despite me not feeling the greatest (my family has had a cold going round.)

If you follow my art blog, you know I did an elephant art piece for a connection/fan recently.

Even with all the digital tools available to me, it took a fair bit of time, but it was well spent for the results I got. I won’t be sharing a lot today, because I’m going to focus on recovering from my cold.

I’ll get back to sharing everywhere as soon as I’m up for it.

Anyway, much Love to you all.


A Special Thanks To My Blogging Friends

There are some bloggers that (if I had the time) I’d sit and read all day. Bloggers who never waste a word, but instead are absolutely diligent in putting their best foot forward, or who truly do bring their A game.

I always come away from reading their stuff having benefited in SOME way, whether it’s learning something new, having my day brightened, having my faith nurtured, having my creativity stirred, etc.

The blogging community here has been an incredible blessing and I cannot fully express how thankful I am.

It’s Okay To Get Away

Earlier, I was reading a post about properly/effectively taking a break. Too often, when a blogger feels they need a break, they may also feel like they’re letting their connections down by taking one.

I however think it would be MORE of a let down/disservice to our connections if we got so burned out we couldn’t bring our A games, wouldn’t you agree?

So, with that in mind, if you need that break, take it! Disconnect, get away, recharge, and come back “bright eyed and bushy tailed” (a classic phrase from my childhood.)

Cheers and much Love!

Dear Readers

I have been reading that certain of my connections have had their abilities to like new posts and follow new blogs revoked altogether.

According to what I’ve read, this isn’t a glitch, but an intentional thing by the platform.

I do not support such an action, and thus feel the need to speak up.

Just A Few Thoughts

How many blogs are you following? How many blogs do you actually interact with and at least read, whether you comment or not?

Often, keeping up with EVERYONE you’re following can seem like a chore. Nobody expects you to be super human… but the effort, when it’s given is greatly appreciated.

Make a goal, interact with AT LEAST a couple blogs a day, it’s even okay to have your favorites, but every now and then, go to a new one you’ve never read before, or check in with one you haven’t visited in a while.

You never know the adventure that awaits.

Responding To A Writing Prompt

I thought I’d respond to one of the given writing prompts. The prompt was “Have you ever performed on a stage or given a speech” both of which I have done.

I remember taking part in Christmas and Easter pageant type things over the years, among other things as a child.

I miss those days, they were such a delight. I love that this prompt allowed me to reflect back on those days.

A New A.M Update

As some may have noticed if they follow it, my art gallery blog is on hiatus for the time being. I am enjoying stepping away from it for now.

Anyway, in other news, my son is going with his class to the arcade later today. If we (Courtney and I) had asked, I’m sure we could have gone along as chaperones, but unfortunately we didn’t.

In further news, I got a $109.00 charge from an antivirus company whose services I don’t even use anymore, so I was a little bent about that, (ok, full disclosure maybe more than a little.)

I’m not dwelling on it too much, but I am going to make sure I don’t have that issue again.

Also, on another note, but still tech related, I cancelled the auto-renewal on all my paid/premium domains here. It’s better (at least for me) to have the manual renewal option, so I can assess my finances before any renewals need to be done and decide if they’re feasible in my circumstance.

While (obviously) I’d never want to lose my premium domains accidentally, I also don’t want to have charges I may not be able to afford at any given time.

Anyway, I don’t want to turn this into a novel length post, so I’ll wrap it up for now.

New Morning Notes

Every writer, at some time or another wonders if all their best work is done. They wonder if they’ve murdered the last ember of their creativity, or they wonder if they were ever really any good at the craft at all. My point is, doubts and questions for a writer are as natural as the hues of leaves changing every year. If you have questions, if you have doubts, those don’t have to be the end of days to your writing career.

Step away, take a breath, examine your heart, your soul, your mind, your previous work, gain some perspective. Never force creativity, because forced creativity will make your writing dull, lifeless. Passion matters as much as substance. Go out & live, deliberately. Live as if today is the last set of heartbeats you’ll get. None besides God knows how many we’ll get. If you think of, and live life as a blessing rather than a burden, you’ll be better off.

In your writing, and in general.

Just Needed To Address This

I love 🎵🎶 as much as anybody, but I have to admit that anyone charging thousands of dollars for concert tickets would immediately put me off. Greed is never a beautiful thing, in fact, greed is a sin.

I am all for supporting artists of all kinds, visual, musical, etc. but being willing to support them is far different from allowing them to take advantage of me.