Great To Know

So, through an agency where I live, I qualify for some housekeeping assistance (b/c of my limited mobility) which is good to know. Very helpful. Just need to get in touch with them & explain my situation, agencies that offer such services are a beautiful thing, good for any elderly and/or disabled that need them.


Good Morning, and Notes On Elon Musk

Good morning, Dear ones.

Earlier, I was doing some reading on the life of Elon Musk. Whether you Love him, hate him, or are indifferent, I did find the reading highly interesting and worthwhile.

He is successful in many areas, but this wasn’t always the case. According to one biographical piece I read on him, he was heavily bullied as a child.

There are also claims online that he was otherwise abused as well, but I don’t have corroboration & I know some things are posted by click baiters to draw people in. Anyway, if he’s had as hard a life as some have claimed, he appears to be a stronger human being for it, from what I can tell.

I read that he has PERSONALLY assisted other people who were struggling, and I respect him immensely for that. A lot of people act as if material gain makes them better than other people, but Elon (as far as I know) doesn’t possess a snobbish attitude like that.

I want to end this post w/a quote, “It costs nothing to be a decent human being”.

Just Needed To Address This

Welfare is a LIFELINE for many people with physical and/or mental ailments of some form. I’ve seen attacks against those on assistance for years.

I am definitely against abuses of the system, they deserve to be called out, but they are rare as I understand it, despite what some would have people believe.

There are plenty of people that I know who would give anything NOT to need the assistance. People need to quit being ignorant and smearing/demonizing those who are just trying to survive the best they can under rough circumstances.