Just Needed To Address This

I love 🎵🎶 as much as anybody, but I have to admit that anyone charging thousands of dollars for concert tickets would immediately put me off. Greed is never a beautiful thing, in fact, greed is a sin.

I am all for supporting artists of all kinds, visual, musical, etc. but being willing to support them is far different from allowing them to take advantage of me.


A Very Simple Thing Fans Can Do To Support Artists, and Encouragement For My Fellow Creatives

Buying art isn’t the only way to support artists, though it certainly is a wonderful thing. Something as simple/basic as sharing about an artist you like to your offline & internet friends can be very helpful too. I know of a few artists who had an entire career built on word of mouth and having their pieces passed around.

Never under-estimate the power of the smallest gesture, nor how much someone will appreciate it.

To my fellow artists I say this: some of those that people think of as “overnight sensations” are decades in the making. Be not discouraged if the “mountain is hard to climb”, the hardest struggles bring the sweetest victory.

I Want To See More Artists Thrive

One of my major goals in life is to help my fellow artists thrive. The whole “starving artist” thing should be a dead and buried thing of the past in this modern age, where an artist can showcase/share their creations at the click of a mouse.

Gone are the days when a brick and mortar gallery was an absolute must to get any serious notice. Though they still have value for special art events and such and I have no desire to disrespect those who choose to go that route.

If you know of an artist you want me to check out, I’ll gladly do so. Just drop me their info below.