Addressing The Issue of Chronic Anger

We all lose our cool at times, we might as well get that acknowledgement out of the way from the jump as this post begins.

Anger has it’s place, to be sure, but living in a constant state of anger is poisonous (to ourselves and others around us.)

If you have a chronic anger problem, don’t let it fester in you. Acknowledging a problem is the first step to dealing with it.

There are plenty of resources (especially these days) to help, just need to be willing to seek them out. There is no shame in seeking help in ANY areas of life where it’s needed.

You and those you Love will be better off for it.


Lost Keepsakes

So, as some of you may recall, toward the end of my son’s school year, he had a concert. I had planned on getting around to uploading pics & video from that event, finally. Sadly, I was informed today that the stuff got deleted. I am really wishing now they had been backed up.

As much as tech has benefited our society, it’s not immune to human error, and unfortunately there’s no way now to remedy the loss.