This Needed Addressed

A disease is destructive, sin is also destructive, warning people of those realities is not abuse at all. Though there are some who erroneously think so.

It would actually be abuse NOT to tell someone of the dangers and destructiveness of sin. Just as it would be abuse/malpractice for a Dr. not to tell a patient they are unhealthy if they are.


Why I’m Skeptical of Abuse “Revelations” In So Called Memoirs Written For Profit

I’m skeptical often of people who put accusations of abuse and such into so called memoirs etc. that they’re writing for profit. Especially if they NEVER made the claims until they were trying to drum up interest in said books.

It’s a well known, albeit unfortunate fact that in our society, scandal sells.

Also, claiming victimhood of some form or another is en vogue these days, unfortunately. People who claim victimhood for attention or profit do a disservice to people who’ve actually been abused, and they ruin lives and legacies w/their false accusations as well, sometimes irreparably.

It’s also interesting to me how many times, such accusations are made after the accused has died, and can’t challenge (or at least answer) such charges. In such cases, it’s the family of the accused that suffers the fallout.

Not Now, Not Ever

Laws are in place to protect people from exploitation and abuse for a reason. They should be strictly enforced, not relaxed.

Don’t give perverts and predators even one second worth of opportunity to fulfill their depraved appetites. Not now, not ever.

If our laws on this are weakened or rescinded, the consequences will be devastating. We need to be steadfast on this issue, unmoved and unmovable.