That’s Common Sense

It has been said in discussions lately, that if a woman can’t have an abortion, men should have to stay and take care of the baby as well. This is a common sense statement, not at all controversial to me.

I am most definitely FOR men staying & taking care of their children. A responsible, mature, decent man would do this anyway. There presently being disgusting deadbeats in the world is not an argument for killing unborn offspring. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Innocent children should not be penalized for their parents actions.


Responding To Some News From Tesla

I just read that Tesla has stated they will fund travel & lodging for their staff who “need healthcare unavailable in their home State” some people have claimed this is a reference to abortion. I think they may be reading into it.

If I am wrong, and they are correct, and if Elon is supportive of it, then as much as I’ve respected him on other things, we are definitely at odds here, and that’s an absolute understatement.

In Defense of the Unborn

I am and will always be against abortion, it IS murder, regardless of the many arguments it’s advocates use to claim otherwise.

I’ve seen people fight for the rights of animals, and even some fight for hardened guilty criminals to not be executed, yet some of these same people think it’s perfectly moral to murder innocent children in the womb.

Children are the most innocent in our society, if a mother actually doesn’t want the child, there are plenty of people who would give them a loving home.

Response To The Product of Rape/Incest Argument

Rape & incest are atrocious crimes, but killing a baby who is the product of rape or incest is atrocious as well. Punishing a child for the circumstances by which they were conceived (which they had zero control over) is compounding an already terrible situation, not fixing it.