The Twitter Meltdowns Were Real

I saw personally, people saying that if Elon fully bought Twitter, they’d leave the platform. I also saw the full on meltdowns/adult tantrums the other day, and today I saw people claiming said meltdowns didn’t happen.

They are lying. If they’ll lie over something as trivial as that, how can they be trusted on anything of significant importance?

I lost a couple connections personally on the platform as soon as I expressed thanks to Elon for buying it. I responded as follows:

To my connections, past, present, and potential: If you are upset by me being happy that Elon bought Twitter, I bear no animosity towards you. Simultaneously though, neither do I apologize for being happy that he did. I like him, you don’t, and life goes on for us both.

I still presently BELIEVE Elon when he says he advocates free speech on the platform for all users (barring any actual ILLEGAL CONTENT, obviously.) and I support and respect him for that reason.

While it’s true that I bear no animosity toward those who are upset about Elon’s takeover, I did find the meltdowns hilarious.


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