More Notes On Elon Musk

Some of the things I absolutely love about Elon Musk is his never ending work ethic, and his infinite capacity for dreaming big. The more I continue to study his life, the more respect I have for him. He’s willing to personally put SO MUCH on the line to succeed, and that’s a powerful inspiration.

He’s been called controversial, and everyone has their share of enemies, but even his critics can’t deny that he definitely works like a dog going after his favorite bone, unrelenting.

He taught HIMSELF to code, and sold his first tech program at 12 years old, according to one documentary I recently saw. I wasn’t doing anything so remarkable as that when I was 12, at least not that I recall.

If he wants to know how to do something, he just goes and learns how, and nothing seems to adequately quench his thirst for knowledge.


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